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[mk_fancy_title color="#400080" margin_bottom="0" font_family="none"]A Guide to Lashes and Brows[/mk_fancy_title]

I’m all about our face framing features and, for me, a great brow and set of lashes can have a transformational effect on how we look – fresher, younger, more groomed.

You see, you cannot underestimate the power of a good brow. They are a feature of expression and shaped well they can change the overall appearance of our face, creating symmetry and providing a lifting illusion. This isn’t just shaping and tidying– it’s eyebrow artistry.
I’m a massive fan of HD Brows – a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over-plucked brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Brow stylists use a unique combination of threading, waxing, tweezing, tinting and shaping to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, colour and definition.

Tinting and shaping is a great alternative that still offers dramatic results. In fact, eye lash tinting can help to emphasize your eyes and give you the appearance of having mascara on 24/7; whilst eyebrow tinting enhances the contours of your face. A brow reshape will also help create a groomed effect.

But don’t just leave it there. Maximise impact and make the eyes pop too. LVL Lash Lift is an innovative treatment for creating a wide-awake look. Instead of curling eyelashes, the treatment straightens them to lend a remarkable about of length, thickness and uplift to the natural eyelash. For a special occasion Blink & Go Lash Extensions are fast and convenient resulting in a full set of luscious, full, mascara effect lashes in just 30 to 40 minutes. They last up to 7 days. For something more long term, we offer a range of Semi Permanent Lashes, including Nouveau Lashes and SVS Lashes, depending on your personal style and preferences.

And lastly, don’t forget to look after the sensitive skin around your eyes. Murad’s  Eye Lift Firming Treatment has fast become a winner with Team Zen since it was launched this summer. It quickly tightens and lifts the treated area under your eye.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. It only takes a few small steps to make the best of your most important feature.