Well instead of wonderding why not take it one take it one stage further and find out is actually going on.

We offer Digital Skin Analysis at both salons, the 20 minute appointment is complementary and provides a great insight in to your skin. With Digital Skin Analysis we take several different photographs of the skin which will help to recognise a variety of different challenges such as surface spots, brown spots, UV spots, red areas, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and any bacteria which may be lingering on the skin.

Reviewing photo graphs

Once the photo graphs have been taken they are stored in the computer and a comparison is made with a hundred other clients of the same age, this show were your skin shines and it will also make evident your main challenges.

The information from the Visia will provide your therapist with enough information to recommend fabulous products and treatments which will help to either maintain or improve the skin.

As the photographs are stored you can also return several months later to see how well your new products and treatments are working.

So don’t be kept in the dark about skin, find out what going on and make the changes.