If you are like me and smudge your nails minutes after painting them, then leave the chipped smudged polish on for days until you have time to remove it then Shellac is the answer. Shellac is the fast and effective way to achieve perfect nails with a beautiful finish. Unlike other semi permanent nail colours Shellac does not contain formaldehyde therefore is much kinder on the nail. The Shellac procedure is also a lot kinder to the natural nail bed as there is no buffing prior or post treatment. The application of Shellac takes no longer than 40 minutes for a solid colour and 50 minutes for French meaning it is much quicker than other gel manicures. Nails are left with a high shine and perfect colour for up to two weeks and best of all no peeling or chipping. Shellac dries instantly meaning no waiting around after your manicure and definitely no smudging! Another fantastic benefit of Shellac is that the removal is so simple you can do it at home and only takes minutes, homecare is also minimal. Shellac manicures and pedicures are available at both Zen Bruntsfield and Zen Teviot. Ellie, Therapist at Zen Teviot.

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Shellac Removal Video