What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a lipomassage treatment for cellulite reduction. Working on specific areas of concern such as the thighs, glutes, arms and back. It is great as part of a weight loss program, or if you feel you would like to improve the body contour, skin texture and tone and of course reduce the orange peel effect! The treatment works using a machine that has roller and lifting heads which gently pull and lift the skin and tissues, perfectly targeting the different areas of the body based on the principle of mechano-stimulation. Lipomassage stimulates the fibroblasts (firming effect), which breaks down the fat accumulation, smoothes the dimpled aspect of the skin and increases fluid exchanges. Lipomassage is a non-surgical and non-invasive solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and loose sagging skin.

  1. What is involved in the treatment? The treatment involves the client wearing a skin tight body suit.  This helps to protect the skin and allows the rollers to glide more easily over it.  Particular areas of concern are then marked out onto the suit after discussing the problem areas with the client during their consultation.  This allows the same areas to be treated throughout the course therefore ensuring the best possible results.  During the treatment, the client is not expected to do anything other than relax on a heated bed! The treatment lasts for 35 minutes and is performed by a qualified therapist who is in control of the intensity levels. Once the treatment is complete you will be able to carry on your day as normal as there is no down time.
  2. How often will I need to come to the salon and how many treatments will I need? A minimum of 12 treatments is required however, stubborn cellulite will require more.  It is recommended that you have between two and three treatments a week in order to achieve optimal results.   It can take up to 10 treatments to start noticing results in the first course.  In some cases the appearance can become slightly worse during the initial stages of the course.  This is part of the process and is due to the toxins being drawn to the surface.
  3. Is the treatment painful? Initially the treatment can feel slightly uncomfortable however, as the course progresses and the areas of cellulite become improved, the treatment can feel more like a deep tissue massage.   At this stage most clients begin to enjoy it and find it quite relaxing.