Shoulder, back and neck problems are one of the most common discomforts people suffer from. Unfortunately it is also one of the most neglected parts of the body.

We all forget that we use our backs for everything throughout the day from holding our posture up at a desk or from carrying bags from place to place, it is also the one area that everyone seems to forget until they feel the tension sneeking up on them.

Fortunately at Zen Lifestyle, we have the solution!

We offer a wide variety of different massage and distress treatments and a fantastic homecare routine for you to help combat any aches and pains which are holding you back.

Elemis’ Instant Refreshing Gel is one of the most convenient and most effect products that we offer at Zen to help with tension release at home. As it is in a gel form it is quick and easy to apply and absorbs instantly. The menthol smell and cooling effect will help to sooth your muscles after a trip to the gym or take away that stressful headache from work.  This makes it the ideal desk top or gym bag essential. The Instant Refreshing Gel does not stop there this is also the perfect traveling product. Not only will it combat any tension it is also ideal to apply to any red hot sun burn!