The skin is an amazing part of your body: did you know for example that it is the largest organ in your body. When we are born it is about 1mm by adulthood it is about 2-3mm thick. The skin helps us to regulate temperature and prevent dehydration. It keeps us waterproof, guards us against harmful chemicals and sun damage. In the average adult the skin covers 1.5 to 2 square metres of surface area and it weighs up to about 8 pounds (dependant on size). As we age we begin to lose moisture and the dermis loses its elasticity. Then the skin begins to wrinkle, particularly around the face as we lose the soft suppleness we were born with.

Internal Skincare

For reasons of both health and appearance the skin is really well worth looking after. For best skin health we should treat the skin from the inside as well as looking after the outside. This well help the health of our skin all over not just the face but body as well. Internal skincare is critical and can have a much greater impact than relying on topical solutions alone. The best way to look after your skin is to sleep as much as you can, keep drinking plenty of water and keep out of the sun. (When you want to be bronzed, fake tan is safest and healthiest and these days you can get a really natural result. I strongly recommend the White-To-Brown spray tan at out Teviot Salon.)

Sometimes our skin needs a little extra help. Taking supplements, especially vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants can really help support your skin from the inside out. Often these are lacking in sufficient levels in our daily diet. Here are some ideas from Dr. Murad’s brilliant range of supplements:

Hydration Boost

Wet Suit supplements are for dehydrated skin…works really well to plump put fine lines and rehydrate skin that has had too much sun or air-conditioning over the summer months. Also excellent for those dreaded hangovers to get your body re-hydrated. The cost is £32 for 60 tablets, which is a month’s supply.

Stop blemishes and Breakouts

If your skin is more troublesome we have the Clarifying Supplements (£39 For 120 tablets) which gives amazing results, (pretty quickly too, which helps!) on problem or congested skin it contains a fantastic mix of vitamins and minerals including a high percentage of zinc which is the main mineral to help problematic skin. Take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Anti-ageing magic!

Now for my personal favourite, this is a must for those of you who are, like myself, obsessed with anti-ageing! We have the wonderful Youth Builder. Well worth the £42 for a jar of 120. Take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. The mix in this is fantastic with everything from grape seed extract, flax seed, beetroot, tumeric root, as well as a wide range of all your vitamins and minerals, selenium and glucosamine. Amazing ,amazing…goodies for your skin.

Dr Murad is a renowned US dermatologist, pharmacist and skincare pioneer. Follow this link for information on Dr Murad’s powerful antiageing facials. To purchase these supplements and others online follow this link to our online shop, where you can aslo browse the full Murad skincare range.