Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions in Edinburgh

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions offer a great option  to acheive long, full, natural-looking lashes. Imagine looking in the mirror each morning and seeing wide-awake looking eyes with beautiful eyelashes that have length, volume and lift. Well imagine no more.

Nouveau Lashes are much more subtle and realistic than other false lashes as they come in varying lengths and thickness, meaning you can have a set tailored to the look you want to achieve, whether it be big and bold or soft and subtle. This is truly a bespoke service.

The lashes can last 2-3 months with maintenance required every 2-3 weeks.

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Treatment Price Vouchers
Nouveau Lashes Eyelash Extensions (Full Set) £125
Nouveau Lashes Eyelash Extensions (1/2 Set) £75
Nouveau Lashes Removal £20
Nouveau Lashes Maintenance £55
Nouveau Lashes Express Maintenance £29


Q: What sort of lash treatments do you offer at Zen?

A: We offer two types of lashes:
Nouveau- semi permanent lashes that last up to 3 months however maintenance is required every 2-3 weeks
Blink and go lashes- occasional lashes that last 7 to 10 days.

Q: What are the main differences between the lashes?

A: The Nouveau individual lashes are applied onto each individual lash which gives them a very natural appearance. This means they drop out as your natural lashes drops. If looked after and maintained they shouldn’t damage your natural lashes. With the Nouveau lashes you can get either a half set which is lashes applied to the outer corner of the eyes or a full set which is lashes applied to the full upper lashes.
The Blink and go lashes are more for a special occasion “Party lashes”. These lashes are still individual however are applied onto top of your natural lashes creating a more glamorous full effect.

Q: How do you look after the lashes?

A: For each of the lashes you need to avoid oil on the lashes and you need to avoid rubbing or touching the lashes. To clean the face you just need to take extra care around the eye area. Directly after the treatment you need to keep the eye area dry for 8 hours until the sealant has set the glue. Using a lash sealant at home will prolong the effect of the lashes,

Q: Can you wear mascara with the lashes?

A: we would recommend not wearing mascara with either of the lashes as it may pull the extension causing loss of the natural lash.

Top tip: if you have fair lashes it is ideal to get a lash tint prior to the lash application as it makes the lash extensions look more natural and fuller.
If you are a bride thinking about getting lashes for the big day always try the lashes out prior to your wedding as not everybody likes the effect or feeling on the eyes.

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