Despite the prolonged closures, we have been very busy behind the scenes this past year and we are so excited to announce the next chapter in the Zen Lifestyle journey.

As we approach the end of our 10-year lease at our Hanover Street salon, we have taken the decision to withdraw from this site and merge our two existing salons into one ‘super salon’, with all our treatments and therapists available in one location.

We are delighted to finally share the news that we are relocating to a beautifully situated large property in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh. The current Bruntsfield salon at 9 Bruntsfield Place will reopen on the 26th April, and all therapists and treatments for both salons will be available here until we have completed the refurbishment of our new flagship salon. We expect our new ‘Big Bruntsfield’ salon to open in early June, offering a unique beauty destination that blends the offering of the two salons into one luxury space. It is here that the next chapter of the Zen Lifestyle journey will truly begin.

If you have any queries please read our Q&A below.

Zen founder and director Fiona Fowley says of the move:

“In the 21 years since I first created Zen, the business has constantly evolved in line with the beauty industry, the environment and the needs of our clients. I always wanted somewhere large enough to accommodate all our state-of-the-art equipment, advanced treatments, and my team of highly experienced therapists under one roof. And now with the new salon, I will finally have that space.

“My priority has always been to offer the best possible standard of treatments and overall client experience; with a seamless blend of therapists and treatments in one combined salon, this will only serve to further enhance the customer journey.  This new high-profile location in Bruntsfield, which offers better parking options for clients, will provide clients with more flexibility with treatments choices, technologies, and therapists, compared with the city centre. Once we have completed the renovation, clients can expect the same luxury and attention to detail which have been the hallmarks of Zen over the years.”

We cannot wait for you to join us on our new Zen journey.

Love Team Zen x

Your Questions Answered

When does the new salon open?
Wed 9th June.  You can follow our progress via Instagram @zenlifestyle1 using the hastag #zenonthemove. You can also find us on facebook.

What’s happening to the original Zen at No. 9 Bruntsfield Place?
Finished on Saturday 5th June to get ready for our move!

What’s happening to Hanover Street?
All our wonderful staff and equipment will be relocating to one big salon. Until then, all treatments and therapists will be available at the Bruntsfield salon, so we can accommodate all your much-needed appointments there.

What about my current appointments?
All appointments will now be at the Bruntsfield Place salon.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Will I still be able to get my usual therapist at the new salon?
Absolutely, everyone will be there to welcome you!

Will you be doing all the treatments I received at Hanover St?
Yes, everything will still be available.

Can I use vouchers and courses I purchased at Hanover St?
Yes! Our vouchers and courses are totally transferable, that all happens automatically so you don’t need to do a thing.

Can I email or phone Hanover St and the original Bruntsfield?
Don’t worry, you can continue to reach us on all the same numbers and email addresses. Contact details for both current salons will continue to be operational, and we will reply to you.