Here at Zen we love dramatic eyes, after all they are “the windows to the soul” and they can really make a difference to your look. One of our false lash treatments, available at all three salons, is our Nouveau Lashes.

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These semi-permanent lashes are different to the strip lashes that you may use at home as the lashes are applied to your own individual lashes and can last up 3 months if cared for correctly.

This treatment is perfect if you have a special occasion, a holiday or you just want thicker, longer looking lashes without the need for mascara.

Depending on the look you would like we have varying lengths of lashes, so whether you are looking for a natural look or you would prefer a more dramatic red carpet look we can tailor it to your desired effect.

How to look after your new lashes

In order to keep those luscious lashes for as long as possible we recommend you follow good lash care. I’ve put together some top tips below to help you to make the most of your fabulous lashes.

– When they are first applied you should avoid getting them wet for at least the first 24hours. This will help the glue set.

– Avoid heat treatments like sauna, steam room, sunbeds, hot baths/showers for the first few days, cool bath/shower is ok.

– Apply our lash protecting sealer every 3 / 4 days. Available in the salons.

– Please do not pick at the lashes as this will disturb them and could mean they will come off.

– Book in for maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks. We’ll replace any lashes that have fallen out and make sure the remaining lashes are in tip top condition.

– And be gentle, they are on your own lashes after all!

Alternatively, we also offer Blink & Go which are fast and convenient false lashes. Great for instant lash appeal.

And if you want to give your natural lashes a boost, we stock Revitalash (£67.50), an amazing cosmetic innovation that will dramatically enhance the length of your lashes and Lash Recovery Serum (£65), to thicken lashes and encourage new growth. Available in all salons.

Jo, Bruntsfield Salon