The low down

There are many factors that contribute to our skin ageing:

– The sun
– Pollution
– Toxins
– Smoking
– Poor diet
– Dehydration
– Aggressive cleansing products

Without a doubt the most harmfull external factor to our skin ageing is the sun. Many people dont realise that UVA (the suns ray that ages our skin) is the same all year round, yes that right we have the same UVA expose in summer and in winter! This is why its so important to wear a SFP of 30 ALL year round.

Our diet and the enviroment we live in all play a part in our skin health too.

At Zen Lifestyle our skin specalists can offer you advice on how to prevent skin ageing and maintain good skin health. We have a wide range of home care products aswell as fantastic in-salon treatments. Our skin specalists have many years experience in working with solutions tailored to the needs of specific skin types and skin conditions.