Visible results without surgery, anaesthetic or downtime

When we upgraded our CACI machine we knew it would be amazing but since its arrival we are beside ourselves here at Zen – the results are out of this world!

The CACI Ultra lifts & tones the skin while targeting lines, wrinkles, dehydration, skin blemishes & acne – everything a girl could wish for!

There’s no wonder it has such a huge celebrity following:

The CACI Ultra is amazing’– Jennifer Lopez

Once you’ve had a few sessions it looks like you’ve had a facelift – Michelle Collins, Actress

The CACI non surgical facelift, which we have been offering at the Bruntsfield salon for several years, is now even better than ever with our new upgraded machine.  Additionally we can now offer the truly amazing CACI Ultra Facial. You can learn more about how the CACI Ultra Facial works here.