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IPL laser hair removal


I’ve done it all. Waxed, shaved, plucked, used hair removal cream and even experienced the pain of the epilator, all in the quest of hair free skin.

I’ve gone professional too trying everything from the classic bikini and g-string wax to the Brazilian (Hollywood was a step too far for me). But one problem remained: re-growth and waving goodbye to selected hair forever was the only way forward.

It’s all down to IPL, intense pulsed light to be precise. As this is a laser treatment that destroys the hair follicle, I chose my salon carfully to ensure I had therapists with the best training and experience and opted for the award-winning Zen Lifestyle.

IPL is no quick fix. In fact, you need a block of sessions because normal hair growth happens in a cycle of three phases so each session treats the roots of new and current hairs.

After a warm welcome and swig of cucumber water in the waiting room of the Bruntsfield Place salon, I was taken to the treatment room where everying was explained. With IPL it all stars with a patch test to make sure you’re elegible for the treatment (fair hair can be hard to treat). It also ensures you have no adverse reaction and understand everything about it. A good start I thought.

The next session came about two weeks later. This time (as with all sessions) I had to go in shaved and hair free. Cool gel is applied to the area to be treated before the therapist quickly and methodically began covering small areas with Ellipse IPL machine releasing a quick burst of light each time. The light emits a warm sensation on the skin similar to being pinged with an elastic band. It lasted seconds and intensifed towards the bikini line where hair is thicker and skin more sensitive. The whole process lasted about 15 minutes and whilst there’s slight discomfort in some areas, it’s definitely less than waxing.

After the first session I noticed a difference – hair took a lot longer to grow back and when it did return it was much finer and sparse. Ingrown hairs appeared to be a thing of the past too. Six months on and six sessions later the difference is quite amazing. Highly recommended, believe the hype.

A patch test for IPL costs £25, redeemable against any course of six treatments or more. This month you can save between 30-50% on courses of IPL hair removal at Zen Lifestyle, 9 Bruntsfield Pl, EH10 4HN, Tel: 0131 477 3535, staging.zen-lifestyle.flywheelsites.com