The therapists and receptionists at Zen are forever trying out different skin care products, they’re always full of opinions so we thought their feedback would make for interesting reading. Please welcome our first edition of ‘Under Trial’… this week Laura from Bruntsfield is reporting on Murad’s Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator from the Blemish Control range.

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Laura finds that most moisturisers leave her skin oily but her skin feels exceedingly tight if she doesn’t use one. After having a consultation on the Hanover Street Visia machine and discussing her skin issues with the therapists she has decided to try out this product and share her thoughts and results with us.

Many people suffer from oily or combination skin and it can hard to find a moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated without adding any extra oils. This moisturiser however is designed specifically for blemish prone skin as well as skin that needs a little collagen boost and hydration so in theory it’s ideal for Laura.

So how did Laura get on?

This is what Laura had to say after using the Pore and line minimising hydrator for the first time…

“Currently my skin is oily in some places and very dry in others. It can be a real nightmare to find products that really work for me but the first thing I noticed when I put this product on is that my skin doesn’t feel greasy and I didn’t have to wait for it to dry in before applying my make-up. But the best thing was that my make-up lasted all day! I usually find that my foundation runs off my face just after a few hours so I am very happy with the result so far!

I am hoping that this product will also help with reducing the frequency of blemishes I get, especially around the t-zone. My fingers are firmly crossed!

I will be applying the moisturiser day and night after washing my face with my usual cleanser and it will be the only new product I will be using to ensure the results I see are purely down to the Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator.”

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