Treating Maskne

As face masks become our new normal, Maskne – mask acne or breakouts caused by this everyday attire – is fast becoming a big beauty bugbear.

“Wearing a face mask creates moisture and humidity which can, in turn, accelerate oil production and bacteria which cause acne,” explains Bruntsfield therapist, Alla.  “Masks also cause makeup, oil and bacteria on your skin to further block the pores triggering outbreaks, blemishes and irritation much quicker than normal.”

In the beauty industry, masks are mandatory and here at Zen we are always in our masks. So, we’ve learnt pretty quickly the best products, treatments and techniques to avoid skin irritation – and how to quickly combat it if breakouts to occur. Here’s our Top Five Tips!

Keep Your Skin Clean

Cleansing is so important, and we always recommend cleansing twice a day, with a double cleanse in the evening.  Prebiotic 4 in 1 multi-cleanser (£38) cleans the face of dirt and oil, unclogs blocked pores and thoroughly removes make up but also contains natural prebiotics that help to create a healthy balanced microbiome, while hydrating the skin too.

And be careful not to over exfoliate. The skin barrier is already under stress so go gentle, opting for enzyme cleansers to prevent further irritation.

Maintain Hydration

A good hyaluronic acid serum will recharge the skin’s internal moisture source. We love Medik8’s supercharged Hydr8 B5 Intense (£55) as it delivers immediate and long-term hydration for all-day moisture. The lightweight serum doesn’t clog pores and instead deeply nourishes the skin. And don’t forget to drink throughout the day – staying hydrated is key to good skin.

Don’t forgo a moisturiser either as this won’t prevent breakouts. If you’re looking for a new cream then the Zen team are on hand for telephone consultations to help select the best one for you.

Treat Quickly

If your skin is suffering then our Priori Multi Layer Peel can help balance the skin with noticeable results. Designed to exfoliate, hydrate and even out appearance of the skin, this quick treatment is power-packed with skin enhancing instant results to leave you glowing.  Our acclaimed Lightfusion LED Facial can also greatly help skin, fast. This completely natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation creates an instant hydrating effect whilst reducing inflammation. It also stimulate cell renewal for tissue repair.

To help prevent and treat blemishes that worsen or appear because of mask wearing, Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment (£38) helps tackle the causes of acne such as bacteria, excessive oil, dead skin cells to prevent blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts and also soothes irritation and inflammation. Penta Acid Technology helps balance sebum, unclog blocked pores and soothe skin. The perfect serum for maskne misery!

Minimise Makeup

If breakouts are starting, try and minimise the amount of makeup worn as this can cause bacterial build up on the skin. Swap out heavy foundations for a tinted SPF like our favourite Priori Tetra fx251 SPF45 Colour (£75) or opt for mineral makeup. Here at Zen we can’t get enough of Priori’s Mineral Skincare (£36). This wonder product contains SPF 25, antioxidants and a smooth coverage foundation. And make the most of your eyes to balance an otherwise makeup-free look. Check out our recent blog on the eyes here.


Masks collect bacteria and pollutants so always wash your re-usable masks on a 60 degree cycle, where possible. On our days off, the Zen team who suffer from skin irritation have been opting for silk masks which are available on the high street.

All products in this blog are available at Zen Lifestyle. For bookings, consultations or products please call us on 0131 477 3535 or 0131 225 7009. There is no charge for a skin consultation.