How to treat peeling and flaking nails:

The best way to target peeling and flaking nails is to approach the homecare routine. To help prevent your nails from flaking and peeling file the nails in a smooth continuous movement in one direction, the see-saw filing method will only encourage the nail to flake and peel.

When the nail is starting to peel and flake it is indicating to you that it needs to be nourished and hydrated. This can be done with the use of regular applications of a cuticle oil and nail strengthener. We stock OPI Avoplex cuticle oil and the fantastic Nail Envy strenghner.

The perfect polish:

It is all in the preparation to have fab looking nails. Make sure you lightly buff the nails to remove any bumps or ridges, follow by a filing to create the ideal shape. It is best to squeak the nail with some nail varnish and then apply a ph balancer like OPI’s Bond Aid before varnish to remove any oil from the surface.

When applying the nail varnish of your choice ensure that it is not too thick as this will make the application troublesome and will also increase the drying time. Keeping your varnish and brush free from residue build up will keep the varnish in a good condition. After you have allowed your varnish to dry it is best to apply a glossy top coat  such as Seche Vite to provide the nail with protection and extra high gloss shine.