Our lucky managers visit Dr Murad

Julie and Carrie, two of our salon mangers, have just returned from a fab trip to Hollywood and LA, to visit the California based operations of skin care supplier Murad. The all expenses paid trip was a treat from the nice people at Murad head office, in recognition of Zen Lifestyle’s contribution to the development of the Murad brand in the UK. The trip was part of an event for the Murad ‘Global Superstars’, bringing together a small selection of Murad’s top accounts from around the world.

Apart from all the fabulous restaurants, shopping and sightseeing included in the trip, our two managers gained an insight into the future product developments at the leading cosmeceutical skin care brand. They even got a chance to get their creative juices flowing with an afternoon of painting alongside the great man himself, Dr Howard Murad, who is a renowned dermatologist and pharmacist. As well being professor of dermatology at UCLA, Dr Murad is a world-recognised pioneer and innovator in skin research and technology.

Zen Lifestyle offers the full range of Murad skin care products, as well as all the Murad facials. Zen was one of the first clinics in Scotland to introduce the Murad brand and continues to be one of Murad’s key salons in the UK.

Rodeo drive baby!
Visors on – let’s party!
Zen goes to Hollywood
In da posh hotel!