Priori now have fantastic dietary supplements that can be easily added in to your skin care regime. Sometimes we do all we can topically to the skin with different products and facials but the beauty of the supplements is that they are

actually treating the skin from the inside. It’s no secret that there is a connection between inner health and outer radiance and overall skin appearance.

I have now tried all the supplements and I absolutely love the Advanced AHA ones! They help to achieve and maintain basic skin health and fitness, so are suitable for absolutely anyone.


Whats do these supplements contain?

Antioxidants – to fight free radical damage

Anti-inflammatory agents – to reduce inflammation and maintain cell hydration. Also relieves joint pains

Enzymes – for cell protection

Essential fatty acids – cell and skin improvement, hydration, skin resilience

Inner health – supports general health, immune system benefits, cell membrane stabilization.

It is recommended to take a 3 month course of supplements to gain optimum results. The supplements are small and easy to take. You just need 3 capsules daily with food.

I am totally hooked on the AHA supplements now! In less than 3 months I could see that my skin was more hydrated. My nails were so strong and were growing really quickly whereas before they were very weak and would split and peel. My hair is also much stronger and my hairdresser even commented that I had some new hair coming through! I was amazed at the visible difference I could see from taking the supplements and I would recommend them to everyone!

Jill Stott – Therapist Bruntsfield Salon