I don’t know about you, but with so many options in cleansing products it can be very confusing choosing which cleanser is going to work best for us. With so many formulas varying from a wash to an oil out there I have decided to pull a guide together of what our Dr Murad cleansers do and the benefits of them. Each contain powerful ingredients targeting different skin conditions and leave your skin both cleansed and treated  – read on to find your power cleanse solution!

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Which cleanser is right for you?

I shall start off with my personal favourite, the Essential C Cleanser! This contains your ACE vitamins A, C & E which have massive anti- oxidant powers giving your skin a healthy glow. It also contains small micro beads which gently exfoliate any dead skin and unblock pores. This is a lovely light cleanser that almost feels more like a facial wash ideal for mornings if you are short of time.

Refreshing cleanser- this cleanser does exactly as its name implies, your skin instantly feels fresh and clean. It contains cucumber extract which is calming on the skin.

AHA/BHA cleanser –this is the perfect cleanser for clients concerned with any dead skin or flakiness. It contains lactic, salicylic and glycolic acids which dissolves dead skin cells improving cell turnover and giving the skin a more even, clear base. It also contains jojoba bead which will provide a physical exfoliation.

Renewing Cleansing Cream – a fantastic cleanser for a drier skin or during those winter months when our skin needs a little more hydration. This nourishing cleanser hydrates and restores radiance within the skin.

Renewing Cleansing Oil- quite simply a fabulous product, it’s perfect for those clients that like to use a product that feels like a treatment. Oils work well as they adhere to any oil on the skin and perform a super deep cleanse. I personally like to use oil at night time or to remove heavier make up. It contains liquorice and jojoba which nourish and repair dry and cracked skin.

Time Release Blemish Cleanser- this works a dream at targeting skin that can be prone to blemishes without drying it out. With skin that breaks out it can be a challenge to treat the blemishes including the overall skin but this cleanser is amazing at both. It contains amino and hyaluronic acid which helps the skin to retain moisture, plumping it out. It also contains Salicylic acid which fights blemishes even once you have rinsed. It feels creamy on the skin rather than drying.

Soothing Gel cleanser- this cooling gel cleanser calms and soothes a skin that is sensitive or reactive. It works well on anyone who finds that their skin can be easily aggravated. It contains goji berry extract which fights free radical damage in the skin. It also contains Liquorice root extract which reduces inflammation in the skin reducing skin sensitivity.

Daily Cleansing Foam- this cleanser is fantastic for any clients concerned with blackheads or shine on their skin. It is a great replacement if you are trying to move away from facial wipes as it feels as easy to use as a wipe. It contains witch hazel which will control excess oil in the skin and it’s also packed full of pomegranate complex which helps fight free radical damage, leaving fresh glowing skin.

So there you go, our Murad range explained. I hope this helps everyone on their quest for the perfect cleanser. You can always mix it up and use one morning and one evening or change with the seasons if you feel you’re skin would benefit. The sky is the limit! Available at all salons and via our web store.

Lauren, Hanover Street Salon