Why choose permanent make-up?

Applying some cosmetics can be bothersome. It can take up valuable time in the morning, and never lasts all day long! If you wear eyeliner and lipstick regularly, or prefer to have your eyebrows shaped and filled, you may be a good candidate for permanent makeup.

Over the years I have always wondered about permanent makeup, was it something that was really too good to be true? Well after I was lucky enough to sit and watch the procedure being carried out by the Director of the company Fiona Fowley, I must say, get in the queue ladies! This fantastic treatment is the best way to wake up looking fresh faced every morning and not have to worry about the dreaded smudging or re-applying of makeup throughout the day.

The treatment is truly amazing! It all starts by coming in for a consultation to see what option is best for you. Whether you want your eyeliner, eyebrows or your lips done, Fiona will thoroughly run through everything with you.  Once you have chosen (or if you’re like me and want it all) Fiona can colour match you to the perfect colour for your hair and skin tone. After you have had the actual procedure, the home care advice is so easy to follow. The tattooed area will naturally scab as it heals, so all we ask is for you to avoid touching it as it will fall off quickly on its own, and to avoid applying any cosmetics to the area as this can affect your permanent makeup. After 4 weeks you will need to come back in for your colour booster, this will help it stay darker for longer. Then you would need the colour reapplied about every 18-24 months. So as simple as 3 steps – a detailed consultation, initial treatment, and your colour boost after 4 weeks.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to book a consultation or need more information, please call the Hanover Street branch on 0131 225 7009.

Jo Mancini – Hanover Street Salon