A non-invasive solution

Have you ever thought about combining your regular facial with an Omnilux light therapy treatment?

Developed after 12yrs of medical research, Omnilux has developed a treatment using narrowband light emitting diodes to treat a range of dermalogical conditions, and also tired and ageing skin.

Onmilux is treatment that will help to stimulate cellular mechanisms in your skin to boost skin tone and elasticity, and great at enhancing the effects of other aesthetic treatments such as dermabrasion and peels.

Onmilux is a pure non-invasive light therapy that has no down time and is also compatible with treatments such as Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, IPL and cosmetic surgery.

The treatment is only 20minutes so fab as a little add on to your facial, or great as a lunch time treatment on its own as there is no downtime and mineral makeup can be applied straight afterwards.

An Omnilux light therapy treatment will leave you feeling relaxed with a great sense of well being.

Jen, Senior Therapist, Zen Bruntsfield