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Firstly a little bit of knowledge on the natural eyelash cycle. Our natural eyelashes are constantly shedding and replacing themselves, so we will always see the odd eyelash on our pillow or lying on our cheek bone. Fret not as this is completely normal. Every 8­-12 weeks we have a completely new full set of natural lashes.

With any kind of extension on the lashes, you need to avoid oily products as oil separates the lash extension from your natural lash leading to them coming away quicker. This is not what we want! Also sauna, steam rooms and swimming pools with chlorine may cause them to come away a little sooner than desired.

So which lash extensions are best for you?

[mk_fancy_title color="#073763" size="30" font_family="none"]Nouveau Lashes[/mk_fancy_title]

Nouveau Lashes are a brand of what’s called semi-permanent eyelash extensions; each extension is bonded on to the individual natural eyelash.  If you keep maintaining these lashes and you can have them on for as long as you like. There are eight different lengths of lash to choose from, this choice is usually made through discussion with your therapist during you consultation. So what’s great about semi permanent lashes is that the result can be tailored towards your own preferences,  to ensure you get your very own, unique, desired look. Some people go for more volume and not so much length, this way we use extensions a little longer than your own but mainly focussing on getting as many on as possible for a nice thick look. Others go for length, this way you’d use a much longer lash than your natural one (not too long, as this makes them too heavy for your natural lash, this is when damage occurs). As the lashes themselves and the adhesive used are both black you will always get a voluminous, look along with length.

Lashes that you can flutter away to your hearts content!

You have two options with the upkeep of the lashes, there is an Express Maintenance option which is recommended every 2weeks. With this option they are always topped up. We also have the regular Full Maintenance option which is recommended every 4 weeks to always keep them looking full, this is also a longer treatment time.

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[mk_fancy_title color="#073763" size="30" font_family="none"]Blink & Go Lashes[/mk_fancy_title]

Blink & Go Lashes are your special occasion lashes and can last anywhere from five days to two weeks, depending really on what you’re up to (those gym classes might need to be given a miss).  The application is main thing that differs here. We try to apply to the natural lash as much as possible, so they may last you a little longer, and then we fill in any gaps for a nice full thick, volumised lash look! There is no maintenance involved with these lashes, they will fall away themselves. Once they’re gone they’re gone! If you do want them all removed sooner we do offer a Blink & Go removal service in the salon.

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[mk_fancy_title color="#073763" size="30" font_family="none"]So which one is best?[/mk_fancy_title]

It really depends on what you’re looking for. The semi-permanent lashes are more expensive and require a bit more patience, as the treatment time can be about 90 minutes and regular maintenance is required. However the result will be a lovely, healthy and very natural look which will really bring out your eyes. These ashes also last a long time.

Blink & Go lashes are the express option. The application time is much quicker, about 30 minutes. These are more special occasion lashes or for a holiday and are handy if you can’t be bothered with ongoing maintenance. The look is a full, more mascara’d look, so a little more striking than the very natural style of the Nouveau Lashes.

If you need any further help deciding please just call us at one of the salons. You can also find more information on the treatment pages here:

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Blogpost written by Dee, our lash expert at the Hanover Street brow bar.