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When it comes to medical cosmetics, having the most skilled and trustworthy professionals should be non-negotiable. Here at Zen, we work with the multi award-winning and acclaimed London Dr Rita Rakus clinic, who host a monthly clinic right here in our Teviot Place salon. Their team regularly treat a number of A-listers from the world of film and television.

Here, Barbara Deakin, the clinic manager and aesthetic treatment adviser discusses the changing face of non-surgical aesthetics.

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We are increasingly asked for cosmetic solutions with a gradual effect that is not immediately noticeable. In our Knightsbridge clinic we work with a lot of people in the spotlight and this is especially important to them. Increasingly, women want to have non-invasive procedures to feel fresher, more confident rather than quick-fixes that can and do ignite embarrassing conversations. People don’t want to be asked what they’ve had done over the dinner table or across the boardroom table. Poor skin tone, lines or loose skin remain the most complaints.

There’s an incredible demand in Edinburgh for ULTRAcel which is so great for skin tightening, as well as refurfacing and repairing pigmentation.

The focus for our Edinburgh clients is on looking natural and almost as if they’ve not been had treatments – it’s more about getting to the best version of them. It’s very much a ‘less is more’ approach and they prefer to come in on a regular basis and have less aggressive treatments as opposed to very obvious results to quickly.

[mk_fancy_title color="#400080" margin_bottom="0" font_family="none"]Non-surgical aesthetic treatments came under criticism from the media in recent years - why do you think this was? And would you say that there s now an increased appetite again towards non-surgical aesthetic treatments?[/mk_fancy_title]

There was concern due to the media enjoying a focus on the bad results. Some media sensationalised rare but bad outcomes and didn’t look at the good; focused on a poor treatment rather than how, when done well, non-surgical aesthetic treatments enhanced and softened the ageing process. That is in the past. Now, absolutely the appetite has changed. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments in comparison with surgical treatments are much more sought after as results are achievable quickly yet aren’t permanent. It’s all about the look good, feel better factor. Thanks to the media, the internet and social media, the mystique surrounding non-surgical aesthetic treatments has disappeared. There is also far better control of practitioners now as well as the introduction of the regulation of clinics in Scotland to monitor good practice and ensure patient safety.

[mk_fancy_title color="#400080" margin_bottom="0" font_family="none"]What advancements have there been in recent years and, with everyone from nurse practitioners to dentists now offering these treatments, how do you choose your practitioner?[/mk_fancy_title]

There have been huge advances. The introduction of radio frequency and ultrasound based treatments to create new collagen for tightening and lightening have added a huge dimension to the facial portfolio. State of the art fillers also give practitioners better tools to sculpt and major manufacturers have spent a considerable amount developing and training doctors to achieve the best results.

When it comes to picking your practitioner, good aesthetic practice is dependent upon the training and expertise. As the industry has evolved, nurse practitioners and dentists have started to train in injectable techniques, however the consensus is that aesthetic doctors should be the first port of call. In our clinic we work only with highly experienced and well qualified doctors who specialise in the field of aesthetics. Anyone searching for a doctor should go to the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

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Barbara Deakin is Clinic Manager of the acclaimed Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge, London. She combines an extensive medical career background with profound knowledge of the technologies and procedures available to get the best results for the clinic’s patients. Barbara flies up with her team each month to host an exclusive cosmetic clinic within Zen at the Teviot Place salon. A wide range of non surgical solutions are available. More details on the range of treatments are available on the medical cosmetics section of our website.