Fighting the elements for beautiful skin

As autumn is here and winter is fast approaching it’s a common problem that our skin starts to feel a little dryer, a little tighter and looks a little less healthy.

As the weather changes and we start to enjoy the simple comforts of big, cosy jumpers and snuggling next to the fire, changes in our skin care routine should come along too.

Harsher weather and central heating weather can still strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and cause the top layer to dry and flake off, leaving your skin feeling tight and looking patchy.

While you might think that December, January and February are the worst months for your skin, this is not the case. By the New Year, your skin has adjusted, and most people are aware of applying that extra layer of moisturiser- it’s during autumn when you’ll notice a drop in humidity and a difference in your skin, and it’s when your winter regime should kick in, before the signs of a winter skin start to show!

If you need a little help in knowing what your skin needs. why not come in for a free skin consultation with one of our skin specialists? They can recommend products and/or treatment to suit any budget, so you can ensure your skin looks as good in winter as it does in summer.