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Here at Zen we’re all excited about a new addition to our product range…Dr Murad’s Technoceuticals. This is a hard-working range of concentrated treatment peels and professional concentrates, which will be used in our advanced Custom Facials, with the prescriptive serums available to purchase for home care.

Based on today’s most advanced science, Technoceuticals is a new system that combines Murad’s professional treatments with breakthrough home solutions to effectively target specific skin concerns and help combat cellular ageing.

And I’m already obsessed. This new professional line features concentrated treatments with key ingredients that address ageing on a cellular level, working in synergy to target individual skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and pigmentation. The advanced peels cultivate optimal skin health for regeneration without irritation whilst the Concentrates deliver potent peptides and antioxidant-rich plant extracts to revive vibrancy. We’re delighted to add this exciting line to our tailored facials for maximum therapeutic results in minimal time.

The advanced Technoceutical Peels will be carried out during our Custom Facials (from £59), with your therapist selecting the most appropriate peel for the individual skin concerns. The professional peels combine the latest cosmeceutical ingredients, combined with Murad’s Glycolic Acid and Tri-Acid Complex technology which is paired with antioxidants and hydrators. The result is skin regeneration with no pain or downtime.

There will also be three Professional Concentrates available for home use. These all contain Dr. Murad’s proprietary ReactivCell Technology, which replenishes skin to re-energize and revive luminosity.

Wrinkle Solution reinforces skin’s resilience to ageing and effectively target lines and wrinkles as Tri-Hyaluronic Acid and Swertiamarin Extract plumps and re-volumizes skin while boosting elasticity and firmness.

Brightening Boost enhances skin’s radiance by visibly minimising pigmentation, dark spots, dullness and uneven tone whilst patented brightening technology targets multiple forms of hyperpigmentation, reducing the appearance of discoloration and evening tone. 

Clarity Control provides an intensive exfoliating formula that re-texturises and renews skin, improving clarity and resistance to blemishes as well as excessive shine and large pores. Salicylic Acid decongests to visibly minimise pores while Tetrapeptides, Oat and Zinc calm and soothe.

Due to the strength of these products, they are available only in professional clinics and salons, they cannot be purchased online or in retail concessions. Please feel free to come in for a complimentary skincare consultation where one of our trained skin therapists will be happy to give you a personalised recommendations.

Call us to book your consultation or facial

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Fiona Fowley is the beauty expert and entrepreneur behind the Zen Lifestyle salons. Originally a beauty therapist, Fiona realised there was a gap in the market to create a unique kind of customer experience in the UK beauty and spa industry. She created Zen Lifestyle to provide discerning clients with an exceptionally high standard of therapies in luxurious, beautifully designed surroundings. she has led the business to 18 national beauty awards, as well as being voted UK Salon of the Year 5 times.