I recently learnt how to do the Shellac nails and I’ve really loved learning this new process! It’s applied like a polish but lasts like a gel. The difference between the gel and shellac is that the Shellac is applied more thinly, making it a lot easier to remove. The main difference that I appreciate the most is that the Shellac keeps it glossy and shiny, making it look newer for longer. I’ve had mine on my toes for over 4 weeks now and they still look brand new! This is a brilliant treatment to get before a holiday, as they will stay looking beautiful and sleek longer than a normal polish.

It lasts so long! What if I need to remove it?

We also sell the Shellac remover (D-Solve) in the salon, which will last you ages! You just put the solution into a solvent resistant bowl and place your nails in to soak for 10-15 minutes. The Shellac polish will then easily come off when you scrape over it with an orangewood stick or something similar.

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Jill Macaulay – Therapist Brunstfield Salon