Don’t you just hate thick, oily, greasy sun creams that clog up your pores and leave a nasty shine? Isn’t it such a pain to have all these different (but essential) products from moisturisers to SPF’s to foundation cluttering up your bathroom cabinet?

Well ladies, we have the perfect solution… Priori Coffeeberry Natural Daily Protection SPF 25.

Priori helps protect your skin from the sun

Now that the weather is warmer we need to be taking a lot more care in applying our SPF (of course I would still recommend wearing one all year round), however, we know it can leave you feeling like there are too many products on our skin when using a moisturiser, SPF and then make up on top.

Coffeeberry Natural Daily Protection SPF25 protects against UV radiation and free radicals and also contains Coffeeberry extract for antioxidant protection.It is tinted and blends in with all skin tones to even the complexion like a lightweight foundation.In addition to all of this it hydrates the skin to leave a shine-free, matte finish.

Literally a one stop shop! and is the perfect holiday product to save wasting all your luggage space with lots of bottles of lotions and potions!

We stock a range of Priori products and offer Priori Advanced Peels at all 3 Zen branches.