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The countdown is on! Only one month to go. Here’s the low-down on what Helen, our Senior Therapist at Hanover St, has been doing to prepare for her big day.

Q. What treatments have you been doing over the last few months and in the run up to the wedding?

A. I got my lip fillers topped up in July by Sally our cosmetic nurse before she went off on maternity. For my skin I’ve been trying to squeeze in Elizabeth Arden PRO Peels every 2 weeks, so now I want to have a Clear + Brilliant 3 weeks before the wedding. Of course I’ll book my HD Brows about a week before.

Q. What about treatments the week of the wedding?

A. Waxing, Lash Tint, Shellac Manicure & Pedicure and Spray Tan. That should cover it!

Q. What colour are you choosing for your nails?

A. I’m thinking a nude tone to keep a natural, elegant look.

Q. What products are you using at home?

A. On my face I am currently using Perfection Facial Serum to keep any breakouts at bay and Barrier Repair for a nice light moisturiser. They’re both from the Elizabeth Arden PRO range. Also Pure Skin Supplements from Murad to keep my complexion nice and clear.

For my body I have just started using Murad Collagen Support Body Cream, I love it! It feels amazing. The other product that I love at the moment is Elizabeth Arden PRO Lash Recovery Serum, I have been using this on my lashes for around a month now and I’m really finding them longer and thicker already.

Q. What products will you use on the day?

A. I’m getting my make-up done by a Make-up Artist but I’m going to take a couple of products along with me for back up: Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield as my primer and HD Brow’s Foxy Eye and Brow Palette. I’m very fussy with my brows but I will have just had my HD Brows done so hopefully they shouldn’t need too much powder.

Q. Have you been doing anything specific at home?

A. I have been going to the gym as often as I can, however probably not as much as I should be. I have also been walking to work most days which I have really been enjoying as long as it’s not raining!

Q. Are you booking your fiancé in for any treatments?

A. Yes – Stevie isn’t really getting much of choice in the matter but I have booked him in for a DiamondTome facial, which I think he will secretly love. It’s a microdermabrasion treatment, so ideal for someone like Stevie who isn’t used to getting facials. He’s a heating engineer and probably wouldn’t want anything too fluffy!

I’ve also managed to get him to use some products at home (to keep him away from mine!) – Revaleskin Skin Firming Serum and Murad’s Essential C Day Moisturiser.

Q. What products are you taking with you to go on Honeymoon?

A. TAP!! (Triple Action Protector SPF 50 from Elizabeth Arden PRO). I need my daily fix of this, it’s the absolute must-have product in my bag and I wouldn’t leave home without it. It means I can also have a little coverage without wearing make-up. I will also be taking the rest of my daily skincare products to keep my skin in good shape while we’re away.