Massage is not only one of the most popular treatments in our Edinburgh salons but in the beauty industry worldwide. Massage is a perfect way to unwind and find inner peace. At Zen we thrive to deliver superior massages every time concentrating on client’s needs and objectives, ensuring our clients feel relaxed and tension free when leaving the salon.
Massage has several properties to it, it increases circulation, releases tension, reduces muscular pain, increases metabolism, relaxes and sedates the sensory nerve endings.

Zen Lifestyle’s Massage Treatments

Zen Edinburgh offer many different types of massage from manual to electrical. The massages available at Zen are aromatherapy, sports, hot stone, Hydrotherm and Endermologie deep tissue massage.

Aromatherapy and sport massages are specific to the client; we concentrate on areas of concern and target the clients aim and objectives for the treatment. For Aromatherapy massage the therapist will blend oils specific to the client’s needs and skin type, making the treatment more beneficial to the client.

Treatments range from 40-80 minutes and can cover the full body or just specific areas.

Hot stone massage is a perfect way to introduce heat into the treatment allowing a deeper more penetrating form of massage. The hot stones are pre heated then placed in the palm of the therapists’ hands providing a deep therapeutic massage. The heat of the stones allows a deeper massage aiding the release of tension and localised muscular pain leaving the body feeling relaxed and renewed.

Hydrotherm massage is ideal for pregnant women, new mums and for those who struggle to lie on the front of the body. Clients lie on a warm water mattress whilst the therapist places their hands between the body and the mattress and uses a deep pressure to massage the area. The warmth of the mattress will help soothe and with the combination of deep massage movements and tension will be released.

Endermologie deep tissue massage is ideal for those strained and over worked muscles. The machine uses individual rollers which work across the area providing an intense massage which is unable to achieve manually. This massage is only suited to active sport and gym participants and for those who have severe concentrated tension.

Endermologie is also a fantastic cellulite treatment which can be carried out on anyone.