Have you ever looked at the beautiful women on TV or in the numerous celebrity gossip and fashion magazines and wondered how they get that dewy complexion, porcelain looking skin and beautifully shaped brows…..well we all have I’m sure, but we all also know that models in magazines are airbrushed to perfection and what is seen is not quite the real deal. However, a lot of these women (and lets not forget the men) look beautiful and radiant without the aid of a computer mouse, so what are their secrets?

Well here at Zen we took it upon ourselves to do a little digging to find out who uses what and we think that it’s only fair that we share our findings. Well, its good enough for them….

Celebrities and their favourite beauty products

  • Fearne Cotton keeps the pollution from London City life at bay buy using  products from the Dr Murad Vitamin C range.
  • Lisa Snowdon keeps her model looks (and gets to date men like George Clooney!!) by using Dr Murads Perfecting Day cream.
  • Felicity Huffman loves Priori Perfecting Minerals after her make up artist on the set of Desperate Housewives used them on her.
  • Christine Bleakley takes Murad supplements to help maintain healthy skin….hmmm wonder if Frank takes them too to keep him looking  so good??
  • Jessica Simpson is a huge fan of OPI’s Lincoln Park After dark, great for short square nails.
  • Victoria Beckham keeps stretch marks at bay by using Elemis’ Japanese Camellia oil.

Both salons stock Dr Murad, Elemis, Priori and OPI (all the above can be purchased) so if you fancy having skin and nails as good as a celebrity then pop in to see us.