I’ve been doing Blink & Go and Nouveau lashes for over a year now and I’d say they are probably my most enjoyable treatment to do. I really enjoy the precision of the lashes and absolutely love the finished result. The Blink & Go lashes are personally my favourite of the two, as I love the full mascara look. They are very convenient for clients too because you can just nip in on your lunch break as they only take 30 minutes to apply. The Blink & Go’s last up to 2 weeks as long as the aftercare advice is followed correctly. Each individual false lash is applied onto your own lashes where needed, and the length depends on the clients wishes. These lashes are also perfect for holidays, or a special occasion, as they are very easy to look after.

You’ll be hooked!

I can guarantee once you have your first set you’ll be hooked, and most definitely want them again! Blink & Go lashes are done at both Bruntsfield & the Teviot Place salon, and will soon be a big focus at our new salon on Hanover Street in the Lash & Brow bar.

Jill Macaulay – Therapist Bruntsfield Salon