Very few people in the UK had heard of Mesotherapy until recently, but it is by no means new. It was originally introduced in 1952 by a Parisian GP, Dr Michel Pistor. Mesotherapy was used as a medical treatment for sports injuries, poor circulation, arthritis, vascular diseases and infections. Dr Pistor’s theory was that specific conditions could be best treated by injecting small amounts of medicines directly into the site of the problem.

Until now, Mesotherapy has been associated with being fairly painful involving the use of hundreds of needles, predominantly for fat and cellulite busting – commonly referred to as the “Flab-Jab”. In essence, Eporex Mesotherapy is the “Flab-Jab” – but without the needles!

The needle-free Eporex systems delivers all the benefits of traditional Mesotherapy – without the side effects of bruising, scarring, and the downright “ouch factor”! The innovative Eporex uses the principle of Isophoresis. It works by accelerating the delivery of specially mixed formulations into specific areas of your body and surrounding tissues to a maximal depth of 10 cm, through the pores – without breaking the skin. Due to the uniqueness of the system, the Eporex can deliver 90% of Mesotherapy formulations consisting of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, directly to the target treatment area. Once these formulations have reached their destination they reactivate at a cellular level to deliver results from the inside out.


Eporex needle-free Mesotherapy is an effective way of spot-reducing stubborn areas such as stomach, buttocks, or thighs. It works by delivering specially mixed formulas directly into subcutaneous fat layers via a needle-free, painless process. These formulas break down fat cells and release excess stores into the bloodstream. Once these fatty acids are freed your body can use them as a readily available fuel source to help you burn-off fat!


Eporex Needle-free Mesotherapy is one of the few treatments that can truly make a noticeable difference to that “orange-peel” effect. UK trials have recorded results as high as 100% effective! Cellulite affects 95% of all women, regardless of weight, shape or height. Although exercise can help reduce the appearance of Cellulite, the results can be limited. With Eporex Mesotherapy, selected formulas are delivered into the mesoderm layers of the skin resulting in visibly reduced signs of cellulite. This is achieved by breaking down the fibrous tissues that encapsulate fat cells and create the “orange-peel” effect, to create a smoother looking appearance.