The beauty industry is currently going through a stage where we are merging science, beauty, aesthetics and health all into one. This is an area where Dr Murad has specialised. As Dr Murad is a practicing pharmacist and dermatologist as well as having an interest in beauty industry this has become something he has concentrated on.

Inclusive health

People these days are looking for treatments and products which work deeper than the skins surface, which is why Dr Murad created the philosophy called “inclusive health”. This philosophy is the combination of three different approaches to health, internal, topical and emotional. This is thought to work as generally if there is a skin problem or challenge it is usually closely related to do with something else going on inside the body or mind, therefore it is important that we as therapists understand the body as a whole.

With there being so many external factors which may affect the skin and body such as stress at work, stressful relationships, environmental stress, noise, the general pressure to looking good can all have a knock on affect on how we look in a negative way. This is why we as therapists and clients need to look at the full picture including, emotional well being, skincare and internal health.

Diet and fluid intake is rarely part of a consultation within salons and spas; however it should be one of the most frequently asked questions. A majority of people find it can be very difficult to drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis. Although it is very good to drink a lot of water Dr Murad has discovered that it is more beneficial for the body if you drink structured water, for example drinking water with mint or cucumber or lemon. It is also much better to ‘eat your water’, this means to receive most of your daily fluid through foods such as fruit. This will allow your cells to have something to grasp onto. Water loss is one of the main reasons to loss of elasticity, dehydration and cell damage in your skin. So keeping your cells well hydrated in essential to inclusive health. It is also important to eat foods such as seeds, eggs, fish, meats, good oils and raw fruit and vegetable. This will not only patch up any flaws in your exciting cells it will increase the strength of new cells helping to promote youthful skin, healthy cells and a happy wellbeing.