I think one of the best beauty tips you can get….is to get a lot of sleep.

Sleep is essential for restoring your body and maintaining your health. Memory, learning, emotions and social behaviors are all influenced by your sleeping patterns. Those who suffer from sleep disorders frequently experience disrupted, non-restorative sleep. While some of these people have sleep problems due to a physical stress or condition, others suffer from sleep disorders due to some mental or emotional factors.

The amount of sleep you need each night depends on your age, general health and quality of sleep. While adults generally need about seven hours of sleep, teens and young children tend to need about ten hours. Regularly sleeping longer (more than an hour) than these normal sleeping patterns is defined as “long sleep.

Long sleepers, those who need much more sleep than others in their age groups, can require anywhere from 10 to more than 12 hours of sleep each night to feel fully rested during the day.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to us over eating on foods for energy and also turning to caffeinated drinks. It also is very ageing to suffer from lack of sleep as our body repairs itself when we sleep at night. If you are having trouble getting to sleep at night try to cut out caffeinated drinks after lunch time and have a nice relaxing bath or massage in the evening. At Zen we recommend Tea Pigs, our fabulous tasting range of caffeine-free teas. Honey and Rooibos is a great late night drink, its lovely with milk as well.

To create a calming and relaxing environment, I also suggest good quality aromatherapy candles. We have some amazing Neom candles such as ‘Calming’ and ‘Tranquility,’ which are excellent to have burning in the bedroom if you are reading before you go to sleep or when you are relaxing in a bath.

Murad has a wonderful new product called Sleep Reform (£79.50), which is excellent to help repair the skin overnight. The topical melatonin in it helps promote the skin’s sleep cycle, maximizing its ability to repair and regenerate itself.