Zen Lifestyle are pleased to host an injectables clinic,offering Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and Fillers, with Sally Harrison at our Hanover Street Branch. Sally is a skilled and experienced nurse practitioner and independent prescriber, with a background of specialising in aesthetic medicine for almost seven years We decided to put together a quick question and answer session with Sally, to get to the bottom of what we need to know ………..

Q & A about wrinkle relaxing injections

1. Who is the ideal candidate for Wrinkle Relaxing Injections?

The ideal candidate would really be somebody with light to moderate lines. This means they will get the best result from treatment. The deeper the lines, the more fixed they will be. Wrinkle Relaxing Injections will still help to soften a very deep line, but they wouldn’t get the same results.

2. How long does the treatment take?

It’s really a very quick procedure, the actual injection takes minutes. Appointment times are mostly taken up through discussion to make sure the client has realistic expectations and that the treatment will give them the results that they are looking for. We discuss risks and ensure they are safe to have treatment performed.

3. What age would you recommend people to start having treatment?

I think that regardless of age, when lines are beginning to form or become ‘fixed’, then this is when these injections will completely smooth the persons’ skin. While I wouldn’t recommend an eighteen year old to get it just for preventative reasons, I would also argue that a twenty year old can on occasion have deeper lines than a thirty year old. It really depends on what is present on the skin as to whether I would treat somebody. The other end of the spectrum is that these injections are not a miracle cure and there are also people it would be wasted on. Wrinkle Relaxing Injections will simply stop a muscle from contracting so it is my job to decide on whether immobilising that muscle will will achieve the result my clients want. I am always honest.

4. Is it something that HAS to be maintained, or can it be a one off treatment?

It does not necessarily  have to be maintained. Wrinkle Relaxing Injections are always temporary and will wear off, so too will the results. Should somebody want to keep up in continuing to smooth their skin or maintain the smoothness they achieve, then they will need repeat treatments. Otherwise, a one off session will smooth the skin temporarily and for a little while after the drug has worn off.

5. What is the most common untrue perception of Wrinkle Relaxing Injections?

Where to start….. it is actually very miss-understood. As mentioned, it will only prevent muscle contraction, so therefore will not change a way a person looks or stop them smiling. It is typically used mostly in the upper face to prevent frowning for example, this means that after having the injections, you just look like you, but when you’re not frowning! It will in NO WAY stop you smiling, it is NOT used in the lips, you CAN fly after, you CAN go in the sun, it is actually a drug with an excellent safety profile when used properly and by a trained and experienced practitioner.

6. How often should a person have treatment?

The effects will last on average four months, although as it sometimes can break the habit of using a certain muscle group, some find they can get slightly longer. How often somebody wants it though is entirely up to them.

7. Are there any common side effects?

It is common to have a little redness and a slight raised bump following the injections which will subside ten minutes after the treatment is finished. As with any injection, there is always a slight risk of bruising. If injected potentially into the wrong position, it can cause areas of muscle to relax where it shouldn’t, for example giving a drop to the eyebrows (a ptosis). It is important to know the anatomy of the facial muscles for this reason.

8. How would you determine the amount to give to someone?

I assess the muscle mass and muscle movement so generally how strong or how big the muscle is.

9. When would you start to see the results?

You will start to see results after a few days, the results will build from there until the final result is seen two weeks later. This is when I like to see people for a check up to make sure they have received the best results possible.

10. How long will the effects last?

On average four months, it will vary from person to person.

11. Are there some people who you WOULDN’T recommend this treatment to and why?

I wouldn’t treat anybody that I felt I couldn’t get results for, I want my clients to be happy with what I offer. I also would be cautious of treating anybody that I felt perhaps saw problems where I don’t believe there are any. I have turned people away before with only their best interest in mind.

Nurse Sally visits the Hanover Street branch every second Tuesday in the evening.